Art Class

Last week was spring break. Normally that means nothing to me but this year, I'm actually taking a class that's not strictly online so it felt like a real break to have a week of from a class that meets twice a week. The class is basic drawing and it has been really helpful in showing me actual drawing techniques.

This one was created by taking a piece of a plant, laying it down on a piece of paper with a grid drawn on it and translating that to a larger scale grid on my drawing pad. Then we colored in all the negative space. 

This wasn't part of our homework but I used some techniques to make a design I had been thinking about for a dish towel. It's new for me to work on such a large scale but I'd say it's working.

I also don't usually use a felt tip pen but to get thinner lines for screen printing, I went big with thicker lines and then shrunk it down in the computer for output to a screen.

Here's a smaller piece of the crocus.

Here's a picture of the finished design, printed on a towel. I call it Spring Bulbs.

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