Show May 1st!

There's a rad show coming up that I want to tell you about. It's not just rad because I'm playing, it's rad because it's a fundraiser for my friends who are participating in the AIDS Lifecycle. I'm really impressed with people who set big goals (like traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles on a bicycle) so, of course I want to help out. To help, I made a flyer. Making a flyer, while having its own set of difficulties, is not as hard as riding a bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Just for the record. The event starts at 3:00 pm and the music will start around 4:00 pm. I'm on second so you do the math.

Here's the flyer. Not bad, huh? Feel free to grab it and use it however you want.

The whole process for the flyer started with some felt.

I wanted to create a scene from the ride itself and have been a little obsessed with that whale recently, so why not throw that in too?

I was having trouble figuring out how the whole thing was going to stick together until I remembered that I have an adhesive specifically for getting fabric to stick to things.

Last time I opened up this adhesive, it had separated a bit so I wrote a note on top to remind me to mix it up.

After all my felt pieces had a good amount of adhesive on them, I left them to dry overnight.

Here's a picture of Jenny taking a picture to be turned into a flyer. It's all very meta.

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