Helpful Neighbor

Last week, our neighbor knocked on our door and asked if we could help him and his twelve year old son move a couch upstairs. They had already gotten the couch up in the doorway but it was too heavy for them to get up the stairs by themselves. Jenny and I helped maneuver it up the flight of stairs, down the hall and into the far room. On the way down the hall, the dad knocked a photo that belongs to his wife off the wall and the frame totally cracked apart. 

"She's gonna be pissed," the dad said. 
"Well, maybe not. She knows what happens when you leave men alone," I replied.
"Did you hear that?" he asked his son. "She thinks we're men!"

The glass in the frame didn't break. It was just the corners that blew apart on impact. "I can fix it," I told them. I took the frame from them, clamped and glued it up, let it set, cleaned it and put it back together. If you ever get the chance to live next door to us, don't pass it up. Just sayin'.

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