The latest round of bread baking went way better than the first round. I decided to attempt baguettes. Here is the recipe I used: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/classic-baguettes-and-stuffed-baguettes/i-recipe# 

One of my neighbors has recently gotten into baking too and she let me in on a secret way to proof the bread: boil some water and pour it in a pan, leave the pan in the bottom of a cool oven and let your bread rise in there. So, I did that and I got my bread to rise! I ended up with loaves that were nicely chewy, although they could have been a bit lighter and the crust could have been a little crispier. But overall, I was quite pleased.

Here are the loaves sitting on my heater. I only left them there for about 15 minutes right at the end of their multiple rises, while I preheated the oven.
Here they are before I tossed them in. Not bad, ed?

And here they are fresh from the oven. The recipe said to let them cool in the oven to get extra crisp crust. I don't know that I would describe my crust as extra crisp but it was definitely not chewy!

Aw yeah! Bread.

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